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15 June 2008 @ 06:13 pm
List of Fanfics I've Written  
This is a list of all the fanfictions (complete and in-progress) I have written. Most drabbles/one-shots/prompt fics will be posted in the community while all series/chapter fics will be posted over at Fanfiction.net. Obviously this list will be added to as I write more fanfiction!


Chapter Stories:

Three Little Months
Edward Cullen, just finished his senior year in highschool, decides to spend his summer vacation in Phoenix. He's not expecting much - all he wants is to get away from the gossiping residents of Forks. He's certainly not expecting the beautiful girl next door. But can he trust her? After he's already been hurt once? And how much can three little months really change? AU All Human. Canon pairings.


Looking Back
Edward remembers everything.
(Prompt: Memories)

There are times when Edward really wishes he couldn't read minds.
(Prompt: Flight)

Edward waits while Bella changes.
(Prompt: All Night)